Monday, March 13, 2017

Military school

  1.  It is like that because they can not afford a college education. Because students that make up 80% of the attendees.  About 82% of the school's students are low-income and 25% are special-education students
  2. There are some students that can not afford a college education. When you are at military school you have to give 101% effort. You can not slack off when at military school.
  3. Developing student responsibility is important so that they get good grades and so they can achieve things in life and get better grades in life and be able to so more things in life. To develop student responsibility is to stop doing things that are not ok and against the law and to try hard in school and get good grades in school and you could not skip school and go to class to get good grades and pay better attention to teachers other than being on the phone.

Monday, March 6, 2017


  1. I think that social media could be a contributing factor weather you get into a good collage or not. I understand that the appeal the belief I can tell you about. Like a person's character when i really is not. Sometimes I think that social media is a compilation of memes that people laugh at.  
  2. 'Sometimes kids are worried more about being a character than having character.' I agree with this quote because it gives off real meaning to it they are telling us that being a character will help them be more popular and have more friends that trying to be there own personal character that they are they want to be something that are not because they are afraid that someone might not like them if they are. I know that it is normal to be a different character that your own but god created us differently so that we all are different and not the same ever he made us this we so that we can be our own character than to worry about being a character that is not there own.
  3. Some rules in highschool like to copy what students think will happen once they leave the walls to make students into adults. High schools are preparing students for the future like their jobs and college and taxes, ex. so that they can make sure they make responsible choices and the choices they make will follow them there entire life plus things they post on social media.

Monday, February 27, 2017


  1.  I thought about looking around south haven to see what apartments there were and I found one that cost $789 so if I ended up having a room mate that would equal out to costing me about $394.50 each. Apartment link

  • cell phone bill $60 a month, 
  • electric bill 15$ per month. 
  • gas bill 40$ per month.
  • health insurance bill 820$
  • Car insurance is 88$
  • Oil change 40$ a month
  • food budget is 200$ a month 
  • Entertainment wounld cost 300 to 400 dollars to get a nice computer for work 

     3. I can get stressful because when you need money and your next paycheck won't be till the end of the month and you need money now could be hard because some people would need money then to stay in the house they live in now. They could end up without a house because they could not pay for there apartment on time because they don't get paid at the time they need to be.

Monday, February 20, 2017


 1.    The careers that I would be interested in would probably be a photographer. I would like to be a photographer because I think it would be fun to be able to interact with other people, and it would be fun to set up a scenery that would fit the way they are set up. I am very creative I ways which would help with the sense I am very talkative and make "funny" jokes which would make them smile.
 2.  - Collage class for photography
 I think that training would help out for photography because it could help with setting up the decorations the lighting an ex..
 3.    If I decided to do this for a life time job for about a year I would probably be able to earn about $65,510 per year.

Monday, February 13, 2017

ted talk

1. ted talk ties into our last unit because he is arguing that there are shoes that are to high of a price and that they are trying to advertise for other people to buy there brand shoes. But there are people who argue about the price that they are to high and that they need to lower them.
2.  There are two markets they are talking about they are secondary market and there is also retail market
3, I like snowboard I would probably buy cool ones and sell them to get cooler ones

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


  1. The article that I choose in the blog from last week was from a magazine it was to help people buy the product 
  2. The article's text structure is cause and effect. Because the article that I choose is saying that I if you buy this product it will be better than the other product.
  3. Out of the ideas that are mentioned in the article. I would have to say that Virtual reality really interests me the most out of all of the ones listed. I find it very interesting. It provides an entirely different idea that what we are most used to now. I think that once people start to begin to depend on technology it could also how people do many things.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


  1.  Nonfiction is prose writing that is based on facts, and is real events, also real people, such as biography and or history. Also a good example for nonfiction would be when you get a check from the bank. Also would be pretty much your everyday life because your life would be written as nonfiction.
  2.  I think that textbooks and curriculum have shifted from anthologies of short stories and prose to dissecting nonfiction because English Class has switched from textbooks to fiction then to books filled with non-fiction only because people that created curriculum wanted some students to get some what more comfortable reading non-fiction books, only because that's all you will end up reading in the real word. In the real word you want to be able to read the news paper and also official documents.
  3.  The porpoise to this ad is it is shows that you could choose life or death  to see witch path you will choose while u r still young. I choose this article because I thought that maybe it would help inspire people that smoking is bad and it would make them choose to go with the light path or the dark path that would kill you the further you go.